Mother’s Day 2015

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May 082015

What to Do for Mom Around the House on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2015 does not have to cost a lot to make it a day for mom to remember. Check out the ideas below and the video for a few things Mom would appreciate you doing for her. She still want the card too. But give her some of your time and energy she deserve it.

Mother’s Day 2015 is May 10! Consider these ways to show appreciation for your mother and make her day extra special

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Houzz Contributor. Hi There! I currently live in a 1920s cottage in Atlanta that I’ll describe as “collected.” I got into design via Landscape Architecture, which I studied at the University of Virginia. I’ve been writing about design online for quite a few years over at Hatch: The Design Public Blog.

My mom still laughs about that Mother’s Day in the mid-1970s, where the whole family spent the day scrubbing out the above ground pool. It was memorable, if less than ideal. But there are a lot of better ways to spend special time at home with Mom.

After talking with a bunch of mothers about what they’d like for Mother’s Day, on May 10 this year, I found some common threads. They all dream of getting a break from their everyday responsibilities, they don’t really want their kids spending money on them, and they want to spend time with their families at home. Also worth noting is that none were fans of breakfasting in bed. Here are some suggestions for helping Mom feel special on her day.

Make this the one day Mom doesn’t have to say, “Clean your room!” Make your bed nicely. Get everything put away and picked up. While you’re at it, change Mom’s sheets. Going to bed knowing there are clean sheets on the bed and not having to put them on yourself is always a special treat.
Plant a window box together. Hit the nursery and have the plants ready to present to Mom, then enjoy getting your hands dirty together. If you don’t have a window box or if making one is too much work, create a small container garden with potted plants.
May 072015

I am very fond of Malachite. I like the color, the patterns and the energy of this stone. I have several pieces of jewelry an orb and a pyramid. Imagine how thrilled I was to see it’s unique patterns and color used in decorating. Imagine using the pattern of this beautiful stone in small accents in your home.

This semiprecious stone has been turning heads since ancient times. See how to incorporate its emerald green swirls into your decor

About the Author
Houzz Editorial Staff; writer, design enthusiast, reader, softball player.
Malachite and malachite-inspired decor have long been popular interior design resources due to the mineral’s special characteristics. From antiquity until the 1800s, malachite was used as mineral pigment for green paint. In Italy malachite is called the “peacock stone” and is greatly valued for its intricate patterns. When sliced and polished, malachite is known for its intense green color and beautiful banded masses. The most highly sought after malachite has bands consisting of concentric circles. Polished malachite has been carved into ornaments and worn as jewelry for thousands of years; some ancient civilizations believed that wearing it warded off evil spirits. Find out ways this green gem is being used today and how you can incorporate it into your home.
At a Glance
Name: Malachite; named for the Greek word “mallow” (a green herb)
Category: Carbonate material
Formula: Cu2CO3(OH)2
Color: Bright green, dark green or blackish green


Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral most commonly mined in Africa. It is usually found in copper deposits around limestones, which is the source of the carbonate. Other places known for their malachite reserves are Russia, Australia, Brazil and Arizona.

Root Chakra

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May 062015
Sacral chakra

The chakras are energy centers that run through the physical body and assist in the health and balance of your physical life and well-being. Like a machine your body uses this energy to bring vitality and health throughout all aspects of your life by aligning the body, mind and soul connection and grounds it to the energy of the Earth.

The root chakra is the first of the chakras which begins at the base of your spine and emanates with a bright red glow downward. It is the point at which your physical body is connected directly into the Earth and handles the primal necessities of your life such as food, shelter, security.

When the root chakra is grounded properly your basic needs are met and you will find balance flowing outward towards all area’s of your life. All problems and conflicts that you encounter will be met with calmness and clarity and you will find that you will be able to handle them with confidence and ease.

A root chakra that is not flowing properly can present itself as physical symptoms which include constipation, lower back pain, greed, financial problems, sleep disorders, fatigue, low energy, low self esteem and even violence.

Keeping the chakra’s clear and flowing properly are an important part of spiritual maintenance allowing growth and the manifestation of what you want to bring into your physical world.

About the Author

Toni Wooten is a master psychic and tarot card reader assisting those on their journey through life. She is also a jewelry artist specializing in the use of the energy of natural products made from the earth in her work. Creating beautiful works of art that are uplifting and energetically functional.

Links: Antonia

May 062015
Bast, Bastet

Bast the Egyptian goddess of Sun, Protection and Joy

In Ancient Egyptian history. Bast the Egyptian goddess was a fierce lioness goddess protector of the pharaoh and her father Ra, the sun god against their enemy.  Apep the serpent god of darkness, chaos and destruction.  As Ra’s daughter she also held the title eye of Ra, lady of the flame

Later on in life Bast was known as Bastet, and depicted with a domestic cat head. This aspect of her was nurturing and gentle. And when the Greeks occupied Ancient Egypt, they associated Bastet as the Greek Goddess of the Moon Artemis -the roman goddess Diana.

Early on in life, Bast was a fierce lion headed goddess, protecting the pharaoh and her father sun god Ra. Legend has it, As the sun rose each day, Bast would ride  with her father the powerful Sun god Ra through the sky. His boat pulling the Sun across the river Nile. And by Night, she fought his enemy Apep the serpent god.

As Ra’s daughter she was also known as the all Seeing Eye that thwarts evil. This title represents her warrior protector qualities and divine royal power, she is the female aspect of the powerful force linked to the fierce heat of the sun. She ensured the warmth of the sun continued to bless the fertile land with good crops and became known as the goddess of fertility.

As Bastet  she became associated with childbirth, as mother cats give birth to many litters and lovingly care and fiercely defend their kittens. Women who wanted to become pregnant would wear amulets of Bast surrounded by her litter in the hope of becoming fertile.

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of Health and healing warding off disease and evil spirits. Her name means “She of the ointment jar” which ties her in with healing and protective ointments. This also connects her to perfumes. Her son Nefertum, was an alchemist of beauty and perfumes.

Bastet always carried a rattle called a sistrum. These rattles were used to celebrate her festivals, usually celebrated in April and May. Bastet became linked to music, joy and dance.

About the Author

Shani Choudhari

Founder of Elements Transition Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

“Be the Change you want to see in the world”

M + 44 7957 334616

Skype: Shahnaz Choudhari

10% of my Coaching business profits are donated to the charity I founded, IGNITE COLLABORATION, which acts as a bridge bringing diverse groups of people together to work collaboratively in creating sustainable communities


Jonna Jensen

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May 052015
Jonna Jensen

Jonna Jensen’s Tree of Life

Trees, in all their magical glory, are powerful symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation, sustenance, spiritual growth, fertility and union. In Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil tree or tree of life is often seen as noble.

Growing up on a farm in the Norse lands of the Netherlands, artist Jonna Jensen spent her childhood exploring the nearby woods, where she would discover a strong affinity with trees under their protective gaze. “I’ve always been very much drawn to nature. I spend a lot of time there, and everything I see, I absorb,” she says. “Some of these things inspire me, mostly trees. I feel a strong connection to them and the forest, sometimes it even feels like I am a part of it all.”

Jonna JensenTrees have always played a significant role in Jensen’s work. Whether the trees she paints are with or without blossoms, the Jonna Jensenbranches and trunk, always the centerpiece of her paintings, are emblematic of strength and power. Fluid lines and bursts of color in acrylic, sometimes bold and sometimes faint, chart the trees through seasons or environmental concern. Winter Soul depicts a towering tree with a full head of red blossoms. While Tree of Life shows a trunk that twists and turns into an infinite loop of branches as it basks in the sun. Then there are the beautiful, ornate wands that Jensen has created from tree branches, and incorporating other earthly elements such as gemstones in her magical offerings.

_85-3“I would describe my art as a spiritual representation of nature, or better yet, a representation of the spirituality that is nature,” Jensen explains. “I feel a deep need to express what I see and what I feel, to capture it before it fades, and to share it. These things are given to me visually, that makes me want to use the brush.

“When I paint, I feel like time stands still, like I am living in the moment, and I am one with what I paint. I then do not get tired, nothing can distract me, I feel complete, there are no worries, there is only me.”

Jensen’s spiritual path started early. The need to paint and draw came intuitively to someone born into a family where creativity was applauded. Jonna Jensen“Most of my family members seemed to have a desire to express themselves in a creative manner, and I was no different,” she says. “As far as I can tell, what was different about me was the way I viewed the world. Some spiritual sight seemed to offer me a different perspective. As a young girl I felt the desire to draw, to paint, to give expression to my dreams, fantasies and visions.”

Jonna Jensen tells an illustrative story of what is going on in the elemental environment around her. Although she was not _85-4“consciously aware” in her youth that she was pursuing art in this manner, she says: “I’ve always had a deep fascination for nature. I believe the urge was there from the very beginning. I started drawing (often nature-related) at a very young age.”

Jonna JensenThrough the eyes of her soul, Jonna Jensen has developed what appears to be a photographic memory of what it is she desires to draw or paint. “I am also inspired by my dreams and visions, which are very vivid, and frequent,” Jensen says. “Somehow I’ve often been able to hold on to these images clearly and long enough to translate them into my paintings. Those times I was able to do that, were the times the inspiration sprang from my inner being.”

Jensen recalls wanting to go to art academy as a young woman, but as with many artists like her born with a gift, art school is rarely the path they need nor should pursue. “More than anything in the world I wanted to attend the art academy, but me being a woman I had little prospective future, my parents told me,” she says. “So my art is purely, and simply, me.”

Today Jonna Jensen mostly uses acrylics, but in the past she used to work with oils. Soapstone have become a particular interest of the artist, whereby she recently created a sculpture depicting a circle of people in a protective embrace, made using the material. She is also looking at gaining access to materials so she can work with wood next. Sometimes, Jenna explains, she can get through several canvases in a week, each with a different tale to tell.

“One time I actually made four paintings in a week, one of a robin, for my sister. An abstract painting for my son, since he liked one I made for myself in the past. I made two others as well, ” she describes. “All of them, except for the robin, came to me in visions. These visions come to me at night, which is often the case.”

A selection of Jonna Jensen’s artwork is available to buy from:

Huria Choudhari is a journalist, creative warrior, intuitive counselor and life coach. She writes about music, fashion and lifestyle for Life & Soul Magazine: Having carved her journalism career in news and current affairs, Huria is a truth seeker. Applying that very same ethic, she also offers creative coaching and intuitive counselling services to help others discover their own truth. Get in touch with Huria at or

May 042015
Spell Casting May 4-10

Spell Casting May 4-10, 2015 gives you the optimal time to do specific spells and activities.

This week has strong energy for work that involves the astral this week. May 5th and 6th  the Eta Aquarids Meteor Show brightens up the sky. However The almost-full waning gibbous moon  is sure to obscure the 2015 Eta Aquarids meteor shower, which will probably produce the most meteors on Wednesday morning – May 6, 2015 – from about 3 a.m. until dawn. This Tuesday celebration for Cinco de Mayo will be held in parts of the US and Mexico and Sunday May 10th is Mother’s Day.

Moon will be void of course during these times: Monday May 4th 9:49 pm EDT – Tuesday May 5th 7:14 am EDT, Thursday May 7th 1:51 pm EDT – 2:16 pm EDT and Saturday May 9th 4:35 pm EDT  – 7:22 pm EDT.

Monday May 4th there is sufficient energy to work with potions, ritual and spells for  jobs,  feminine, maternal, domestic issues, psychic abilities and beginning projects. Spell work best done before 9:49 pm EDT.

Tuesday May 5th there is sufficient energy to work with potions, ritual and spells for courage, personal power, breaking negative spells, passion and reversals of negative energy.Spell work best doen after 7:15 am EDT

Wednesday May 6th there is strong energy available for Astral work and sufficient energy available to work with potions, ritual, spells for  wisdom, divination, clearing communication blocks and psychic awareness.

Thursday May 7th there is sufficient energy available to work with with potions, ritual and spells to attract  good luck, prosperity, money and abundance. Spell work best done before 1:51 pm EDT or after 2:16 pm EDT

Friday May 8th there is sufficient energy available to work with potions, ritual and spells for relationships, romance, love, friendship and happiness

Saturday May 9th there is sufficient energy available to work with potions, rituals and spells for  property, inheritance, protection, agriculture, removing blocks and obstacles. Spell work best done before 4:35 pm  EDT.

Sunday May 10th there is sufficient energy available to work with  potions, rituals and spells for health, healing personal and business success.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Dyanna Wyndesong, is an intuitive reader and pastoral counselor, specializing in twin flame relationships and soul mate relationships. A teacher of metaphysics, magic, spiritual and psychic development, Dyanna has over 20 years of experience in spiritual guidance, relationship guidance, guiding twin flame relationships to fruition and guidance in maintaining your relationship. She also does tarot readings, intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching and energy and light healing. – See more 


May reviews 2015:Books Movies Games and Music

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May 032015

May reviews 2015 :Books, Movies, Games, and Music For Teens and Adults

May reviews 2015:Movies for Adults and Teens 

Teens:Jurassic WorldMay Reviews 2015

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World. After many years, Jurassic World’s attendance rates begin to decline and a new attraction, created to re-spark visitor interest, gravely backfires.” Little has been unveiled about Jurassic World, but expect a hybrid dinosaur – created by splicing the genes of different dinosaur species – who lunches on whatever it can find.

May Reviews 2015Adults:Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios epic follow-up to The Avengers, sees a superhero cast – including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye – to combat the threat of a genocidal artificial intelligence which Tony Stark has accidentally brought to life. Stark created Ultron to help the Avengers protect the world, but it concluded that since humans cause all the world’s problems, all humans must die. (Released: 22 April)

May Reviews 2015: Music for Adults and Teens

Teens:Drew Lustman – Crystal Cowboydrew lustman

Best known for his work as FaltyDL, Drew Lustman explores hardcore and drum & bass, as well as soul and funk on his latest release. A step away from his electro moniker, Falty DL, Lustman found himself experimenting and making the kind of tracks he would DJ with or play to friends “without the pressure of the conceptual weighing him down”. Tracks like ‘Angel Flesh’ are reminiscent of early hardcore and breakbeat, while ‘Watch A Man Die’ is a smooth, drum and bass journey. This is a must have for lovers of the pioneering breakbeat scene of the 1990s and will be a familiar soundscape to anyone fortunate enough to have raved at some of London’s best drum and bass nights during that era. Whether he’s in electro or drum and bass mode, Lustman is a musical warrior to be reckoned with.

nnekaAdults: Nneka – My Fairytales

Nigerian-German soul songstress Nneka’s forthcoming 9-track album, explores the politics of her birthplace and her own personal voyage of discovery. “My Fairy Tales is a concept album, exploring the lives of Africans in the diaspora and the struggles they face,” Nneka explains. “How we cope hustling in ‘another man’s land,’ but also the aspects of endurance, perseverance and gratitude.”


May Reviews 2015: Books  for Adults and Teens

Teens: Jinx’s Magic by Sage Blackwoodjinxs magic

Jinx is a daring young wizard’s apprentice, who travels from his home in the Urwald to an unfamiliar desert land in search of ancient magic. He desperately needs that magic as there are forces threatening the Urwald from all sides. Jinx’s Magic tells the tale of Jinx’s journey who soon learns he has to call upon the support of many magical beings of the Urwald – including witches, werewolves, wizards, and trees – to help in his endeavors

holistic energy magicAdults: Holistic Energy Magic: Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life by Tess Whitehurst

Manifest success in every aspect of your life with Holistic Energy Magic, which provides ancient and modern spiritual techniques for tapping into your personal power. Holistic Energy Magic provides instructions for tool-free magic and important insights including intention, visualization, symbolic action, grateful expectation, and alignment. Complete with a spell book of charms and invocations for protection, serenity, love, and prosperity, this book shares the secrets of bringing abundance into your life.


May Reviews 2015: Games  for Adults and Teens

Teens: Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions App for Androidstar wars

Become an intergalactic hero in Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, the new action-platformer mobile game. Take on four free levels of battle against the Empire as Ezra Bridger, dodge TIE fighters, blast stormtroopers, and drive an Imperial AT-MP. With in-app purchases, wield a Lightsaber, fight Star Wars bosses, drive an AT-DP, and unlock 30 more levels and 50+ unique challenges. Customize and expand a secret Rebel Haven where heroes can hide out and rescue citizens.

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Guide freeAdults:  Star Walk 2 for iOS

Star Walk 2 is a stargazing app that identifies constellations, planets and satellites as you point your smartphone or tablet at them. So if you’re one who enjoys taking a walk at night and gazing at the stars, this app is a perfect partner.


About the Author

Huria Choudhari is a journalist, creative warrior, intuitive counselor and life coach. She writes about music, fashion and lifestyle for Life & Soul Magazine: Having carved her journalism career in news and current affairs, Huria is a truth seeker. Applying that very same ethic, she also offers creative coaching and intuitive counselling services to help others discover their own truth. Get in touch with Huria at or 


Guest Picks: 20 Coffee Table Books Beautiful Enough for Mom

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May 032015

Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Idea: Coffee Table Books that reflect moms interest and hobbies.

Encourage a favorite hobby or ignite a new interest with a coffee table book that makes a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Check the video below for more coffee table books.

About the Author

 Designing a lovely life with five children in tow.

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly filling my Amazon shopping cart full of pretty books that I’d love to own. It seems like nowadays you can find an eye-catching book on just about anything. Whether mom likes to cook or loves fashion, flowers or travel, you’ll find something she would be happy to read then display on her coffee table. — Danyelle from Dandee Designs

coffee table book
The Flower Recipe is written by the dynamic duo behind the San Francisco floral shop Studio Choo. If mom has ever mentioned wanting to learn the art of floral arranging, this is the book for her.

Reviews May 2015:Books Music Games Movies

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May 032015

Reviews May 2015 of  Books, Music, Games, and Movies For Children

Reviews May 2015 of Children’s Movies

Reviews May 2015Inside Out

Pixar’s animated movie Inside Out focuses on Riley, a girl who is uprooted to San Francisco when her father starts a new job. Riley is guided by her emotions: Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). Her emotions are plunged into chaos as they compete for control of her mind. Although Joy, Riley’s main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house, and school. (Released: tbc)


Reviews May 2015 of Children’s Games

Snow White on iOSsnow white

British publisher Nosy Crow have made a succession of beautiful fairytale apps for kids, with Snow White being the latest. All the classic elements are here – dwarves included – with playful interactivity that never distracts children from reading the story. Seamlessly blending all of the classic elements of the Snow White narrative with ingenious, story-friendly forms of interactivity, the app places an emphasis on reading for pleasure with interactive elements that enhance, rather than detracting from, the story.

Reviews May 2015 of Children’s Books

the seven sacred poolsThe Seven Sacred Pools (Adventures of Tee-la and De-Nar in the land called ONE Book 3[Kindle Edition] by Leia Stinnett

A mysterious dream inspires De-Nar and Tee-la to explore a mystical place on a nearby mountain. When the curious friends come upon seven pools with water of different colors, Sumat, their master teacher, is waiting to teach them about the Seven Sacred Rays through their favorite element — water. If your children love water, this is a great magical introduction to one of the planet’s fluid elements. Suitable for children aged 2 and above.

Reviews May 2015 of Children’s Music

Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well – Jennifer Gasoithrow a penny in the wishing well

2013 Grammy Award Winner and two time Juno-nominated singer/songwriter Jennifer Gasoi is a well known children’s performers and recording artists in Canada. ‘Throw a Penny in The Wishing Well’, Jennifer’s Grammy Award Winning sophomore release, is a collection of 18 children’s songs offering up a warm introduction to swing, blue-grass, doo wop, gospel, klezmer, Cajun and calypso. Get grooving with the children in the front room!

About the Author

Huria Choudhari is a journalist, creative warrior, intuitive counsellor and life coach. She writes about music, fashion and lifestyle for Life & Soul Magazine: Having carved her journalism career in news and current affairs, Huria is a truth seeker. Applying that very same ethic, she also offers creative coaching and intuitive counselling services to help others discover their own truth. Get in touch with Huria at or




May 022015
Freshening up your home

Freshening up your home, furniture and carpets without chemicals

When thinking of freshening up your home many automatically turn to the sprays and liquids on the shelves. After all, these are the ones we see when we go shopping and these are the ones we see and hear advertised. And many people may not even realize that there are alternatives and you can freshen up your home without harmful chemicals.

It’s possible to freshen up your home, furniture and carpets with just a couple of natural ingredients that are readily available and don’t cost a lot to buy. These are vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda can be sprinkled onto carpets and then vacuumed up. It can absorb odors and when mixed with vinegar will remove stains. I once spilt some red wine on a cream carpet and it was a very large and very red stain. I’d never used vinegar or baking soda on this before and wasn’t sure it would do the job but it was all I had in the house and it was brilliant! It worked like magic and the stain completely disappeared with no trace. Baking soda can be used to remove odors in the kitchen and mixed with vinegar for cleaning surfaces, sinks, ovens.

During the cold of winter it can feel like the indoor air gets stale and congested with all the doors and windows in our home tightly shut. Instead of reaching for air fresheners or plug-ins to freshen your home and give a pleasant aroma I would recommend firstly opening windows whenever you can, to get air in and circulating. This will break up any stale air, get energy moving and flowing and disperse odors. Fresh air is usually all you need to freshen your home but if you like to smell something then why not try using organic essential oils? You can also use these to encourage different atmospheres such as invigorating, uplifting, or calming and relaxing. If you have a yard or garden or even pots and like growing your own herbs and flowers then you could make your own potpourri. You can also use plants indoors to freshen the air – spider plants in particular are good for cleaning and improving the quality of air indoors.

I hope this has given you a few ideas for how to freshen up your home, furniture and carpets without using chemicals and that you enjoy using them and feel the benefit.

About the Author

Jill Graham is a professional psychic tarot reader, energy healer and life & soul coach assisting you to move you past blocks and obstacles to creating and living the life you truly desire. Available wherever you are in the world via skype, email, or phone. (10% introductory discount for Ravenhawks readers)

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