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I am very fond of Malachite. I like the color, the patterns and the energy of this stone. I have several pieces of jewelry an orb and a pyramid. Imagine how thrilled I was to see it’s unique patterns and color used in decorating. Imagine using the pattern of this beautiful stone in small accents in your home.

This semiprecious stone has been turning heads since ancient times. See how to incorporate its emerald green swirls into your decor

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Malachite and malachite-inspired decor have long been popular interior design resources due to the mineral’s special characteristics. From antiquity until the 1800s, malachite was used as mineral pigment for green paint. In Italy malachite is called the “peacock stone” and is greatly valued for its intricate patterns. When sliced and polished, malachite is known for its intense green color and beautiful banded masses. The most highly sought after malachite has bands consisting of concentric circles. Polished malachite has been carved into ornaments and worn as jewelry for thousands of years; some ancient civilizations believed that wearing it warded off evil spirits. Find out ways this green gem is being used today and how you can incorporate it into your home.
At a Glance
Name: Malachite; named for the Greek word “mallow” (a green herb)
Category: Carbonate material
Formula: Cu2CO3(OH)2
Color: Bright green, dark green or blackish green


Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral most commonly mined in Africa. It is usually found in copper deposits around limestones, which is the source of the carbonate. Other places known for their malachite reserves are Russia, Australia, Brazil and Arizona.

May 062015
Bast, Bastet

Bast the Egyptian goddess of Sun, Protection and Joy

In Ancient Egyptian history. Bast the Egyptian goddess was a fierce lioness goddess protector of the pharaoh and her father Ra, the sun god against their enemy.  Apep the serpent god of darkness, chaos and destruction.  As Ra’s daughter she also held the title eye of Ra, lady of the flame

Later on in life Bast was known as Bastet, and depicted with a domestic cat head. This aspect of her was nurturing and gentle. And when the Greeks occupied Ancient Egypt, they associated Bastet as the Greek Goddess of the Moon Artemis -the roman goddess Diana.

Early on in life, Bast was a fierce lion headed goddess, protecting the pharaoh and her father sun god Ra. Legend has it, As the sun rose each day, Bast would ride  with her father the powerful Sun god Ra through the sky. His boat pulling the Sun across the river Nile. And by Night, she fought his enemy Apep the serpent god.

As Ra’s daughter she was also known as the all Seeing Eye that thwarts evil. This title represents her warrior protector qualities and divine royal power, she is the female aspect of the powerful force linked to the fierce heat of the sun. She ensured the warmth of the sun continued to bless the fertile land with good crops and became known as the goddess of fertility.

As Bastet  she became associated with childbirth, as mother cats give birth to many litters and lovingly care and fiercely defend their kittens. Women who wanted to become pregnant would wear amulets of Bast surrounded by her litter in the hope of becoming fertile.

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of Health and healing warding off disease and evil spirits. Her name means “She of the ointment jar” which ties her in with healing and protective ointments. This also connects her to perfumes. Her son Nefertum, was an alchemist of beauty and perfumes.

Bastet always carried a rattle called a sistrum. These rattles were used to celebrate her festivals, usually celebrated in April and May. Bastet became linked to music, joy and dance.

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Apr 302015
Colors of the rainbow

Beltane Colors — Colors of the Rainbow

Beltane and May Day celebrate the reawakening and reemergence of life in all its forms.  At its essence, Beltane is about the earthy joy and delight in being alive.  This celebration of life is reflected in the colors of Beltane:   all the colors of the rainbow.  Decorate your own maypole whether is a simple wooden dowel planted in house plant or an actual tree trunk with a cascading riot of colors celebrating life in all its myriad of hues.

Red and white commemorate the Goddess and God, who celebrate their coupling at Beltane.
Red is also the color of physical strength, passionate love and lust.  Orange symbolizes beauty, sexuality and sex.  Orange also conveys joy, optimism, enthusiasm and extroversion and uninhibited action.   Yellow is for joy, cheerfulness, enthusiasm and openness as well as fun, movement and energy.  Green means abundance, prosperity, good luck, fertility, new growth and hope.  Blue symbolizes peace, harmony, devotion, loyalty and wisdom.  Indigo conveys intuition and perception as well as inner awareness and new insights.  Violet is the color of body-and-spirit union, higher psychic awareness, spirituality, and imagination and inspiration.

Celebrate Beltane with a joyful expression of color as you make this sabbat your own.  Decorate your altar with a colorful altar cloth, add a red and white candle to signify the power and presence of the Goddess and God in your magic, add some fresh spring flowers or perhaps a potted ivy to signify the Green Man and renew your connection to nature and all its bounty.

When not writing for Ravenhawks, Kamberlyn works with clients seeking a more spiritually centered life.  In her work, she helps people realize the relationship, career and finances that belongs to their soul.  She can be found on KEEN at Kamberlyn Divine Love or through her website,

Apr 262015

Leopards are a distinct family of large cat found in Africa, not to be confused with their cousin the jaguar found in South America.  In myth, art and legend Goddesses & Gods, Queens & Kings have been depicted with leopards.  With an air of power, mystery, and supremacy leopards are a natural companion for a ruler.    Leopard symbolism includes mystery and secrets, physical strength and sensuality.  A fearsome and powerful hunter, the leopard is one of animals associated with the Greek Goddess, Diana, Mistress of the Hunt.

Leopards a powerful and highly desired totem animal.  A skilled and awe inspiring hunter, those with a leopard totem are easily able to seek, find and attain what they desire, whether physical reward or spiritual insight and information from a higher plane.  People with a leopard totem are able to develop strong six sense abilities — clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient.  If you have a leopard totem trust your instincts have confidence in your intuitive sense of a situation, person or circumstances.  Leopards also embody cunning and stealth in pursuit of a goal.  The large cat embodies fire and earth magic.  Their stealth signifies the ability to move in the shadows and communicate with the spiritual plane, as well communication with the plant kingdom.

As a symbol, the leopard is a valiant and hardy warrior. Leopard skins were worn by priests of ancient Egypt to ward off evil spirits. Leopards, like cougars and jaguars, are also considered to be familiars for shamans. In African lore, the leopard is stealthy, shrewd, solitary and loyal only to its own cubs. A Tanzanian proverb reads: “He who dines with the leopard is liable to be eaten.” The leopard is the smallest of the big cats. The other three are tigers, lions and jaguars. The leopard will consume almost any animal it can hunt down and can run at speeds of up to 36 miles per hour.

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When not writing for Ravenhawks, Kamberlyn works with clients seeking a more spiritually centered life.  In her work, she helps people realize the relationship, career and finances that belongs to their soul.  She can be found on KEEN at Kamberlyn Divine Love or through her website,

Apr 252015

The almond tree belongs to the rose family. It can grow to as tall as fifteen feet and loves the sunshine. It flowers in the spring and the nuts are ready by the autumn.

Perhaps you’re familiar with almond oil as a carrier oil for adding essential oils and in massage. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is non-allergenic so is an excellent oil to use on the skin and for massage. It is very good for dry skin and indeed it is believed to reduce wrinkles and prevent premature ageing. It is rich in vitamins E and F and can assist with skin problems. Almonds are also used to help alleviate asthma, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness and have been used to help overcome addictions. They are understood to lower cholesterol and to alleviate diabetes. They have a high magnesium content and so are good for the heart, the muscles and the kidneys and are used to treat cardiovascular issues, anemia, kidney stones, gallstones and constipation. Almonds can boost the immune system and help reduce inflammation.

You can eat almond nuts raw or you can get powdered almonds which are also used in cooking and also almond milk to drink.

Almonds are used in magick mainly for spells to attract prosperity or love and wisdom. You could carry an almond nut in your purse to encourage money to flow to you or create a pot pourri from the leaves. It is believed that carrying an almond will lead you to treasure – probably because the nut is hidden deep inside the shell. You could also use almond oil in your magick to anoint your candles and use almond as an incense. Almond is associated with Mercury and air and is masculine. Wands are made from almond wood.

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Jill Graham is a professional psychic tarot reader, energy healer and life & soul coach assisting you to move you past blocks and obstacles to creating and living the life you truly desire. Available wherever you are in the world via skype, email, or phone. (10% introductory discount for Ravenhawks readers)

Apr 252015

Mint is a lovely plant for the spring and summer. It is a hardy perennial that thrives in most soils and is fine with both sun and shade. It flowers between July and September and is great for attracting bees and insects. It can grow to around two foot high. It’s an easy shrub to grow either in your garden or yard or in pots.

Mint is ideal for the kitchen witch as it’s very versatile and can be added to many dishes such as soup, stews, salads, potatoes as well as desserts and drinks. There’s nothing like a cool refreshing mint tea in the hot summer. In magick, mint is used for protection, both for the person and the home and also as protection when travelling. It can be sprinkled around the house or you could add to a  potpourri or perhaps put some in a sachet and tie around the bath taps for a refreshing bath. You could also grow some near the door of your home or in the boundaries to protect your property. Mint is also used for prosperity and success and so you could carry some mint leaves in your wallet or purse. Mint is also believed to encourage clarity so could be added to magick spells for learning and exam success or even for business projects. Other uses for mint include improving communication in any area of life, as well as love spells. It is associated with Mercury and Venus and the element of air and has masculine properties.

Mint is a handy herb to grow to assist with maintaining your health and well-being. If you pick it in the summer and then keep sealed in a dry, dark place so you can use it the rest of the year too. It is good for anything to do with digestion so this includes both acting as an appetite stimulant and helping alleviate stomach aches, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and even hiccups! It is also believed that mint can help with respiratory tract disorders such as bronchitis, coughs and sore throats. You can add mint to make a gargle or an infusion for a drink. If you don’t have your own mint there are many mint teas readily available in the shops. Mint can also assist with bad breath – it is often used to flavor chewing gum or mints are given after meals in restaurants. Mint is also a mild sedative so could assist with insomnia as well as being used to assist with allergies and asthma. Externally, mint leaves and flowers are used to make poultices for helping to relieve aching or painful joints or for insect bites or eczema. It has bactericidal properties and is sometimes used to help relieve ear problems. Whilst mint isn’t toxic if you’re intending to use medicinally or using essential oils then it’s wise to consult a professional over correct use.

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Jill Graham is a professional psychic tarot reader, energy healer and life & soul coach assisting you to move you past blocks and obstacles to creating and living the life you truly desire. Available wherever you are in the world via skype, email, or phone. (10% introductory discount for Ravenhawks readers)

Apr 242015

General Properties of Malachite: Grounding, protection, love, peace, business success

Color: Pastel green to medium and bright green to dark green with lighter and darker bands and swirls

Element: earth

Chakra: Heart (4th)

Planetary: Venus

Astrological: Capricorn, Scorpio

Energy: Feminine, receptive

Goddess: Hathor, Venus, Freya

Geology: Malachite is a soft stone rating 3.5-4 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral formed at shallow depths within the earth. It was one of the first ores used to produce copper metal. Malachite is found around the world. Most of the mineral is mined today from Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia, Arizona and France.

Physical Uses: A softer stone, malachite is easily ground to a powder and has been used historically as a coloring agent. Ancient Egyptians used malachite to ward off plagues and diseases, after noting that slaves working in malachite-copper mines were rarely affected by plagues of cholera. This stone is used to protect from lightning and physical danger. It is said that the stone breaks apart as a warning of danger. Wear the stone to strengthen the heart, circulatory system, pineal and pituitary glands. Malachite helps to purify the body and aids in tissue regeneration. It has been used to treat insomnia, poor vision, irregular menstruation, colic, cholera, rheumatism, asthma and depression.

Spiritual Uses: Wear a malachite necklace or use malachite in love magic to attract true love. Malachite can be used to attract business success, customers and increased revenue in magic rituals. Worn during business meetings or trade shows it increases good deals and sales. Long known for its protective powers, malachite helps to ward off negative and evil energies. Malachite strengthens intuition, the power of transformation and raises the vibration of the body. Malachite will help you get to the heart of the matter by bringing awareness to those things that have been hidden. Meditate with malachite and hear the wisdom of your spirit. The energy of malachite is deep, grounding and powerful. It is a good stone to use to aid in understanding the process of creating through magical manifestation.

Mental Uses: Brings peace of mind. Use the stone to dispel negative thought patterns and untruths.

Emotional Uses: Brings emotional balance and helps to lift depression.


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Juniper Wyndfyre is a shaman/healer, Reiki Master, intuitive reader, soul guidance coach, laughter yoga leader and teacher living in New Mexico. She enjoys helping people heal, laugh and live the life of their dreams. All services are available long distance via phone or computer. To reach Juniper call 505-862-9343, email or visit her website

Mar 192015

Tansy or Tanacetum Vulgare is a hardy plant that grows to around one meter in height and also spreads to around one meter sideways. It has beautiful yellow flowers that look a bit like buttons and come out around July and August. It is found in both Europe and Asia and likes dry soil and either full sunlight or partial shade. Tansy spreads quickly and is actually considered a weed. The tansy plant is useful for repelling bugs in your yard such as ants and flies and it can also draw up heavy metals from contaminated soil but it’s important to also be aware that it’s toxic to animals and to humans in sufficient quantities and it shouldn’t be ingested.

Tansy is a plant that symbolizes re-birth and as such celebrates Ostara and the return of the spring. The name “tansy” comes from the Greek word for immortality: athanasia. It has a feminine quality and is associated with Venus and the element of water. Tansy can be used in magickal spells to attract love, joy and good luck. It can also be used to promote youth and longevity and vitality and a small amount used to be placed in shoes so that you would absorb its qualities as you walked. It is considered to assist with protection and particularly protection when making journeys and protection against authority. Tansy can be used in your magick circle to enhance your protection by sprinkling it on the floor or placing it in a bowl on your altar.

Jill Graham is a professional psychic tarot reader, energy healer and life & soul coach assisting you to move you past blocks and obstacles to creating and living the life you truly desire. Available wherever you are in the world via skype, email, or phone. (10% introductory discount for Ravenhawks readers)



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Mar 192015

The Alder tree

The alder tree or Alnus, to give it its Latin name, belongs to the birch family and there are around 30 different species. It has reddish brown colored serrated leaves and is often found besides water, preferring moist soil. It can live for up to 150 years. It is associated with the beginning of spring and the flowers bloom before the leaves develop. The wood is very light and pliable so is ideal for any crafts where you need to bend and fashion the wood. Alder wood is not only resistant to water but it hardens when exposed to water and so is an excellent wood to use for wooden fence stakes in water logged fields or for building bridges or pumps or for  any home exposed to a lot of rainwater, riverside or lake homes or homes around moist soils. Alder wood also burns easily.

Alder is used in magick for spells associated with the weather, for protection and for insight. The word “alder” comes from the Old English word “ealdoer” which means chief or alderman who was someone who would ensure that justice was done and situations handled fairly. So alder can be used to gain insight and wisdom, the ability to see beyond illusion and to tell truth from falsehood. It is associated with Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. It can also be used to develop the gift of prophecy, divination and clairvoyance.

Alder was often grown in graveyards to protect the dead and it is also used at funerals to give protection to the deceased. It can be used in magick for general protection but particularly for protection involving water – so for example, when travelling by water or involved in water activities to protect against accidents or drowning. It is associated with Neptune, Cancer and Pisces and has masculine properties.

The alder is a tree or shrub of strength so it can also be used for magick spells concerning the need for courage or strength, particularly when facing a difficult situation to give energy and determination and the necessary strength to succeed. The alder therefore has the qualities of both water and fire. It can be used for weather magick to assist the earth with whatever she needs, whether this be wind or rain or sunshine and to help crops grow and flourish.

The alder tree is used to produce dye and artists’ charcoal. The bark gives red dye, the flowers green dye and the branches brown dye. The alder has been used medicinally to make a gargle to ease sore throats and to create a tea from the bark which can help with chills and colds. It can help with swelling and inflammation, toothache, rheumatism, ulcers and diarrhoea.

Jill Graham is a professional psychic tarot reader, energy healer and life & soul coach assisting you to move you past blocks and obstacles to creating and living the life you truly desire. Available wherever you are in the world via skype, email, or phone. (10% introductory discount for Ravenhawks readers)


Mar 192015

Kore the maiden of corn’s journey back to earth from the Underworld heralds Spring and rebirth

The Myth of Kore

Kore, the maiden of Corn’s journey back to earth from the Underworld heralds Springtime and rebirth. She returns to her maiden form to spend time with her mother Demeter, the mother goddess of earth and harvest. The seasonal reunion of mother and daughter brings warmth, nourishment and nurture to earth after the barren harshness of winter.

So here is where the story began…..

Kore, maiden goddess was the daughter of the God of sky, Zeus and his Sister Demeter, Goddess of earth and harvest. You read right, they were brother and sister. Demeter, loved Kore very much, her whole life was devoted to her beautiful daughter. Unknown to Demeter, Zeus had promised their brother God of the Underworld Hades, a wife and that was going to be Kore.

One day, Kore the maiden of Corn was enjoying a walk alone through a meadow bursting with colours from all sorts of flowers, and one flower caught her eye, she had never seen anything like it. She was totally entranced and did not hear the earth open up behind, and out popped Hades, King of the Underworld in his majestic horse drawn chariot. Hades took Kore back to the Underworld with him to be his Queen. In the Underworld, Kore becomes known as Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

Demeter, distraught with grief and anger caused the world to experience it’s first season of winter as plants and crops die as Demeter the mother mourns  she roamed the land in search of her lost daughter. Zeus saw that the humans were suffering in the ongoing harshness of winter- as food was limited. And also Demeter was eating his ear off to bring their daughter back to her.

Hades agreed with Zeus that Persephone his Queen could return to her mother as Kore, goddess of rebirth in spring. So balance is restored on earth. After every Winter of mourning, mother goddess Demeter is full of joy which is seen in the new life of crops on earth. Until her daughter returns to the Underworld, and Demeter’s grief brings the season of Winter.

Goddess Persephone returns to the Underworld to continue as Queen welcoming the dead to the afterlife, guiding them safely through the passage of death. Until the following year she returns to her maiden form Kore, reunited with her mother.


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