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Ravenhawks Magazine began in 1999. It actually began as a newsletter it had a different name and it was printed and distributed through several New Age Stores in the local community. It was a trifold news letter, It grew, I mean it really grew, into a magazine. It became an 80 page publication that was distributed through the mail and again through local New Age Stores. It was a success but one that was difficult to keep up with, the printing editing and all being handled by one person. So The magazine printed it final copy in 2004. Oh but it staged a comeback as a newsletter.  This time it was a news letter that went out in an e-mail to all of my subscribers and that continued until 2009. That is the history of Ravenhawks’  Magazine.


Ravenhawks Magazine began as a way to share information about Sabbats, Magick, personal power,and spirituality. It’s moto was “promoting the mind body and spirit connection” it is and was meant to enlighten, inform and entertain the readers.  Ravenhawks Magazine is published based on the  Wheel of the Year. It will come out 2 to 4 weeks prior to each Sabbat. In the interim between major publications there will be articles and postings in keeping with the theme of the magazine. Ravenhawks Magazine offer ideas for Sabbat decorating, crafts and recipes in keeping with the theme and correspondences of the Sabbats. Articals on living in harmony with our environment, and living consciously with our personal power every day and in every way will also be a staple in this e-zine. Seasonal fare for Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring will be interspersed through out the seasons bringing tid bits that will hopefully enhance your enjoyment of  the given Season and the activities available. Ravenhawks Magazine hope to make it possible for you to have magick in your life everyday, through the food that you prepare to the clothe that you wear.


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