Jonna Jensen

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May 052015
Jonna Jensen

Jonna Jensen’s Tree of Life

Trees, in all their magical glory, are powerful symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation, sustenance, spiritual growth, fertility and union. In Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil tree or tree of life is often seen as noble.

Growing up on a farm in the Norse lands of the Netherlands, artist Jonna Jensen spent her childhood exploring the nearby woods, where she would discover a strong affinity with trees under their protective gaze. “I’ve always been very much drawn to nature. I spend a lot of time there, and everything I see, I absorb,” she says. “Some of these things inspire me, mostly trees. I feel a strong connection to them and the forest, sometimes it even feels like I am a part of it all.”

Jonna JensenTrees have always played a significant role in Jensen’s work. Whether the trees she paints are with or without blossoms, the Jonna Jensenbranches and trunk, always the centerpiece of her paintings, are emblematic of strength and power. Fluid lines and bursts of color in acrylic, sometimes bold and sometimes faint, chart the trees through seasons or environmental concern. Winter Soul depicts a towering tree with a full head of red blossoms. While Tree of Life shows a trunk that twists and turns into an infinite loop of branches as it basks in the sun. Then there are the beautiful, ornate wands that Jensen has created from tree branches, and incorporating other earthly elements such as gemstones in her magical offerings.

_85-3“I would describe my art as a spiritual representation of nature, or better yet, a representation of the spirituality that is nature,” Jensen explains. “I feel a deep need to express what I see and what I feel, to capture it before it fades, and to share it. These things are given to me visually, that makes me want to use the brush.

“When I paint, I feel like time stands still, like I am living in the moment, and I am one with what I paint. I then do not get tired, nothing can distract me, I feel complete, there are no worries, there is only me.”

Jensen’s spiritual path started early. The need to paint and draw came intuitively to someone born into a family where creativity was applauded. Jonna Jensen“Most of my family members seemed to have a desire to express themselves in a creative manner, and I was no different,” she says. “As far as I can tell, what was different about me was the way I viewed the world. Some spiritual sight seemed to offer me a different perspective. As a young girl I felt the desire to draw, to paint, to give expression to my dreams, fantasies and visions.”

Jonna Jensen tells an illustrative story of what is going on in the elemental environment around her. Although she was not _85-4“consciously aware” in her youth that she was pursuing art in this manner, she says: “I’ve always had a deep fascination for nature. I believe the urge was there from the very beginning. I started drawing (often nature-related) at a very young age.”

Jonna JensenThrough the eyes of her soul, Jonna Jensen has developed what appears to be a photographic memory of what it is she desires to draw or paint. “I am also inspired by my dreams and visions, which are very vivid, and frequent,” Jensen says. “Somehow I’ve often been able to hold on to these images clearly and long enough to translate them into my paintings. Those times I was able to do that, were the times the inspiration sprang from my inner being.”

Jensen recalls wanting to go to art academy as a young woman, but as with many artists like her born with a gift, art school is rarely the path they need nor should pursue. “More than anything in the world I wanted to attend the art academy, but me being a woman I had little prospective future, my parents told me,” she says. “So my art is purely, and simply, me.”

Today Jonna Jensen mostly uses acrylics, but in the past she used to work with oils. Soapstone have become a particular interest of the artist, whereby she recently created a sculpture depicting a circle of people in a protective embrace, made using the material. She is also looking at gaining access to materials so she can work with wood next. Sometimes, Jenna explains, she can get through several canvases in a week, each with a different tale to tell.

“One time I actually made four paintings in a week, one of a robin, for my sister. An abstract painting for my son, since he liked one I made for myself in the past. I made two others as well, ” she describes. “All of them, except for the robin, came to me in visions. These visions come to me at night, which is often the case.”

A selection of Jonna Jensen’s artwork is available to buy from:

Huria Choudhari is a journalist, creative warrior, intuitive counselor and life coach. She writes about music, fashion and lifestyle for Life & Soul Magazine: Having carved her journalism career in news and current affairs, Huria is a truth seeker. Applying that very same ethic, she also offers creative coaching and intuitive counselling services to help others discover their own truth. Get in touch with Huria at or

Feb 232015
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About the Author

Dyanna Wyndesong, is an intuitive reader and pastoral counselor, specializing in twin flame relationships and soul mate relationships. A teacher of metaphysics, magic, spiritual and psychic development, Dyanna has over 20 years of experience in spiritual guidance, relationship guidance, guiding twin flame relationships to fruition and guidance in maintaining your relationship. She also does tarot readings, intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching and energy and light healing. – See more 


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Dec 232014

Cryptik’s third eye-opening art

Hawaiian artist Cryptik is aiming to open up people’s third eye by bringing popular Eastern philosophy iconography to skateboards, streets, turntable decks, studio spaces, bandannas and murals the western world over.

References to Eastern, Buddhist and Hindu religions feature strongly throughout Cryptik’s work. For someone who draws inspiration from Buddhism, quantum mechanics and psychedelics, Cryptik says he is mostly inspired by ideas that “challenge his perception of reality”. 

Cryptik He’s the man behind the intricate and detailed designs of Gandhi, Buddha and the elephant-headed deity Ganesha that adorn Cryptik streets in LA, San Francisco and Honolulu.

Cryptik’s street art hopes to inspire higher levels of consciousness and awareness within the eye of the beholder. The pieces are meant to provoke one to reflect upon and understand their place in the universe and the framework in which they view them.

The first piece that Cryptik put out back in 2008 was actually the story of his own spiritual journey, told through images and symbols. “It was just my way of sharing all the things I had learned and continue to learn, with the public at large,” he says.

Cryptik Now you can catch his artwork on everything from stickers, skateboards, mandala mats, phone cases as well as galleries. The LA-based artist’s work Cryptik has also been documented in a book featuring his personal tributes to the cultural characters of eastern philosophy and their stories.

The street artist set up The Cryptik Movement to serve as a public art campaign dedicated to “helping humanity evolve towards greater awareness and understanding through the use of compelling, iconic imagery that demands both scrutiny and reverie”. 

The main objective of the Movement is to challenge people to think of other possibilities and to see a different reality, by provoking wonder and inspiring thought. It states: “one that encompasses many ideologies, philosophies, and belief systems in order to help us better understand our place in the universe. The organization is entirely free of any religious or political agendas and, therefore, serves only to provoke wonder and inspire thought. The goal of this organization is to serve as a catalyst for a change in consciousness on a global scale. At this very critical juncture in human history, either we evolve or perish.”

Cryptik adds: “It is my belief that we are still evolving as a species, hopefully towards greater awareness, compassion and understanding. My goal is to simply be the spark that sets people off to ask their own questions, to come to their own conclusions. Generally, I do believe that art has the potential to change the way people think in, that it forces your brain to create new pathways and make connections that didn’t exist previously. This is evolution.”

Pictures: c/o The Cryptik Movement

Huria Choudhari is a journalist, fashion stylist and creative warrior. She writes about music, fashion and lifestyle for Life & Soul Magazine: Having carved her journalism career in news and current affairs, Huria is a truth seeker and loves delving into the bigger picture. She brings forward her power and magic to write about whatever her soul needs the world to be aware of.


Nov 302013

Holly Sierra, Gaia, Goddesses and Mermaids

Holly SierraGoddesses, Gaia, Gaelic influences, nature, the earth’s indigenous peoples, the magical and the mystical — for artist Holly Sierra all are subject matter for Holly Sierraher paintings. In Holly’s words: “I am enchanted by the Elementals and the Wildlings. I love the misty forests and mossy hedgerows of the British Isles….Weathered barns, old farms and the earthy colored wool of bleating sheep and worn wooden spinning wheels. I adore honeybees, hives and am especially fond of old fashioned skeps made of bound grass. I love the Green Man’s ivy covered countenance and narrow Medieval streets paved with worn cobblestone. I love all manner of books, new and old, leather or scrolls, Celtic knots and Fairytales. I love the ‘Goddess’ in all her forms. I am inspired by the magic that is loosely woven into the fibers of the everyday.And if I am painting for any cause at all — It is for the well being of all the beasts and creatures of this Earth who depend on us for their survival.”

Holly SierraThe road that lead Holly Sierra to Gaia, Goddesses and Mermaids was a roundabout one, but “the first time I painted a Goddess, I knew that this was it, and I could never do anything else.” It took Holly years of discovery before finding her authentic artistic voice. Coming out of art school, Holly worked as a commercial illustrator. The black and white drawings of a scholastic textbook paid well, Holly says, “but I was always doing what someone else directed me to.” She worked as a children’s book illustrator as well, but this was before the days of self publishing, so the subject matter was again dictated by a children’ book editor, sitting in a New York office. She did illustration work for the Little House on the Prairie series, and did Holly Sierraseveral books of paper dolls. While living in Asia, Holly tried portrait painting. “I thought I would be doing interesting people, but instead I was painting what the paying client wanted.” When her first Goddess painting took shape on the canvas, the new direction for her art was revealed. She begins her paintings with faces that are very
simplified and stylized, almost cartoonish in their simplicity: “I draw my faces neutral enough that they can take on any culture.” Then the process of discovery begins and new twists and turns find their way into the painting. Leaves and twigs, a honey bee, bee hive, a stone wall, feathers, birds, interesting artifacts or unusual objects, a rabbit, a wolf, a phoenix — all are possible additions to her work. In the background are the patterns and intricate detailing she loves. The result is delightful, captivating and unexpected. Similar to Josephine Wall and James Christiansen in style, Holly’s work is imaginative, highly detailed, with fanciful twists and unexpected connections.

Holly SierraHolly Sierra’s work transports the viewer to a magical place: throughout the painting delightful new discoveries await the observant viewer. Decorative and fanciful in nature, Holly’s paintings can take months to complete, so
she rarely sells her originals. When she begins a sketch, Holly says she has no preconceived idea of what the final painting will look like. The stylized, almost cartoonish face may become a mermaid, or Gaia, or a Goddess. Over time, Holly says her style has become more cautious; she lets the painting develop over weeks and months, giving each part of the canvas its due. “I like to get up in the morning with fresh eyes,” Holly says, arranging the canvas against the opposite wall in her bedroom, so it is the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes.
Gaelic influences, reverence for art and beauty, and a love of nature saturated Holly’s family and her upbringing. Her Irish paternal grandmother spoke Holly SierraGaelic, read tea leaves and tarot cards, and was a deep believer in intuition and the occult. Holly recalls the childhood story of her grandmother walking off the from Ireland barefoot. A love and respect for herbs, plants, nature and the earth’s creatures was bestowed on young Holly Sierra from her grandmother. A keen observer of natural leaves, roots, twigs, animals and birds, as well as historical artifacts and archaeological discoveries piqued her curiosity early. This fascination for patterns and details can be seen throughout Holly’s paintings, and is why each canvas takes months to complete. Holly’s childhood was spent seeped in artistic influences — both parents were artists, and her maternal grandmother, Margaret Anderson, hosted an artistic and intellectual salon, which counted among its members Mirot, Picasso, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce and Jean Cocteau. “My grandmother,” Holly says, “declared that
she would rather have a rose on the table than a loaf of bread. She was completely dedicated to the ideal that life should be beautiful.” Looking at Holly’s paintings, this philosophy has clearly been formative in how Holly looks at the world. Her paintings are a world of delight, imagination, whimsy and keen observation.
Holly Sierra’s paintings can be seen on her website, and on at









About the Author
Kammie runs the business Custom Fit Business Transitions, which works with business owners who are either selling their businesses, or restructuring operations. She has an extensive background in business management, manufacturing and strategic planning with a Fortune 50 company, and owned her own plastic manufacturing company. With an intuitive eye for strategic initiatives, she works with business owners to focus and structure their business operations to they can achieve long term prosperity and success, under their own management or with new ownership. Contact her at or visit our website at

Jul 172013

The sun a symbol of  Lammas

The Sun of lammasLammas marks the marriage of the sun and the earth, marking the time of year when the sun is at its hottest. But already the sun is beginning to lose its strength, and nights are getting a few minutes longer every 24 hour cycle.The Sun’s energy resonates with fire, an energy of purification, passion, guidance and protection
For our ancestors just a few generations ago, the sun was of paramount importance, just as it has been for humanity for millennia in societies that were primarily agricultural.  The history of humankind is deeply intertwined with the worship of the sun and the land.  Sunshine and rich soil were the difference between feast and famine, literally life and death.
The Egyptians honored Ra as the ruler of of the heavens, the bringer of light and the patron to the pharaohs.  According to legend, the sun travels the skies as Ra drives his chariot through the heavens.  Originally Ra was associated with only the midday sun, but eventually he become connected to the sun’s presence all day long.  The Greeks honored Helios, who was similar to Ra in many respects.  Homer describes Helios as “giving light both to Gods and men.”  The cult of Helios celebrated each year with an impressive ritual that involved a giant chariot pulled by horses off the edge of a cliff and into the sea.
In Native American cultures such as the Iroquois and Plains Peoples, the sun was recognized as a life giving force.  Many Plains tribes still perform a Sun Dance each year, seen as an important renewal of the bond man has with the earth, the growing season and life itself.  In Meso-American cultures the sun was associated with kingship, and many rulers claimed divine right  though their direct connection to the sun.
 The Sun is associated with life, health and healing. Talents that help you shine, and develop a healthy ego and self-image are also appropriately ruled by the Sun, such as performance, music, art, and drama.Now is a good time to incorporate a sun invocation as part of your magick ritual.  Develop your own wording to acknowledge the sun’s power and strength, and declare your desire to have the sun aid your magick’s potency.  On your altar, you can add a gold candle to pay homage to the male deity of your choosing.  The pantheon of Sun Gods is rich and varied. Every ancient civilization has its own Sun God.  Ra, Helios, Apollo, Belane, Ravi, Frejr, Sol, Ah Kin, Inti,  Huitzilopochtli — the pantheon of Sun Gods is as vast and diverse as human civilization.  Select the Sun Deity you wish to pay homage to, and ask for his support in making your magick powerful and effective.
Kamberlyn offers intuitive readings and holistic life coaching, both on a one-time and ongoing basis.  She works with her clients to identify what is truly important in their lives — often what is hiding in plain sight, patiently waiting to be acknowledged.  Creating more prosperity and abundance, replacing a negative habit with a positive one, or setting out on a new life direction are all ways she has helped those who work with her.  She can be contacted at or through her website,

Fairy Painting

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Jun 102013

Fairy Painting, Where it Began Part I

Fairy painting is a genre of its own. It evolved and flowered in the nineteenth century Romantic and Victorian Era although there were artists before 1800 who contributed to the rise of the style, for example the British poet and painter William Blake, born 1757.

It was greatly influenced by cultural works and changes of its time and generally characterized by, besides of course the depiction of fairies and fairy tale motifs, the high level of detail in the paintings.

Fairy Painting

The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke

One of the Victorian cultivators of fairy art was the Englishman Richard Dadd (1817-1886), a painter considered an outsider artist – a label given to artists whose works are unconventional or naive and outside the mainstream and established art scene and official culture, most often self-taught although not the case with Dadd who as a young man studied with the Royal Academy of Arts.

Dadd created the better part of his work locked up in a mental institution diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic after having murdered his father. During a trip prior to the killing event he underwent a drastic personality change due to what was first thought of as sunstroke, while travelling up the the Nile in Egypt. He is said to have believed he was under the influence of Osiris, the Egyptian God, and that his father was the Devil in disguise.

Dadd’s most famous work is the oil painting The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke, considered a masterpiece done on commission and which can be seen at Tate Britain in London. Dadd worked on it for 9 years, between 1855-1864 when he had to stop because of a transfer to another institution although it wasn’t completed.

The way he went about making the painting was to do a detailed sketch of the composition, then proceeding to paint a small portion of it fully finished before moving on to the next little part. He never got to the lower left corner.

Later he wrote a long poem with references to English folklore and Shakespeare, giving name and purpose to all the characters in the painting of which most of them were made from his own imagination. The Fairy-Feller is the man a little bit below center to the right with his back to the viewer, raising an ax, about to cut a chestnut in two. According to the poem the chestnuts are for making a carriage for the fairy Queen Mabs, a fairy referred to in poetry and literature and  Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet where she is being described as driving her chariot into the noses and brains of sleeping people to birth their dreams and help in making them come true.

The modern day revival of fairy painting and art is considered to have begun in the 70’ with the interest in fantasy art and literature. In articles to come we will have a closer look at some of the more contemporary fairy artists.


About the Author: Casha is a European born mystic, writer, fine artist, clothes designer and numerologist For more information and contact, please visit


Valentine gift ideas for him

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Jan 152013

Valentine Gift Ideas for the Man in your life.

Valentine  gifts ideas are often focused on women, but don’t let your very own Cupid feel left out of the gift giving this year. Treat your other half to something unique and special that he’ll appreciate wherever his interests or passions lie. Here’s a few ideas to make your choice memorable this Valentine.

Coffee table books

Make space for a coffee table book in your man’s life. Whatever his passions – be it gadgets, magic, classic cars, travelling, gardening, cooking, sci-fi art, Valentine's Gift Ideamusic, fashion or wildlife – these beautiful hardback books, aimed at special interests, are a sure fire way to put a smile on your other half’s face and keep him entertained. Taschen ( specialize in coffee table books for those in to art, design, photography and fashion. Or if he enjoys jet setting, feed his sense of adventure with Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book or The Cities Book. Known for its iconic and powerful imagery check out National Geographic’s ( range of books for any wildlife, exploration, science or history fans.

State-of-the-art kitchen accessories

For any dab hand in the kitchen, what better way to celebrate your nearest and dearest’s culinary skills or drinking skills perhaps with state-of-the-art Valentine's Gift IdeasValentine's Gift Ideaskitchen utensils. Italian design company Alessi produce some of the most innovative and fun kitchen gadgets there are so whether the special man in your life likes getting his hands dirty in the kitchen, fancies himself as a cocktail maker and a shaker, or simply has a good eye for style, treat him to that something functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Check out the bright colored cheese graters, giant graters, parrot shaped and chef shaped corkscrews, and Boston shakers. If you’re going to opt for a novelty corkscrew as a gift, team it up with a vintage bottle of wine to share. Or if your nearest and dearest is partial to whisky every now and then, treat him to a set of tumblers – try the leaning old fashioned ones for something unique and special – a bottle of malt to go with it is optional of course!
 valentine's gift idea

Jo Malone aftershave

Everybody has a preference for a certain scent and even if you own more than one bottle of aftershave or perfume, it is not unusual for men and women Valentine's Gift Ideas for himalike to stick with the same trusty product day in day out. So if you want to variate your special someone’s scent without him turning his nose up at it quite literally, introduce him to Jo Malone colognes. Some of the colognes can be worn by both men and women, but for a more masculine scent treat him to the Amber & Lavender cologne. This warm and spicy cologne with its blend of precious amber and lavender is a unique and compelling combination that is clean, masculine and velvety. For stockists, check:

A piece of art

Get creative and express the love you feel for your partner by picking out a piece of artwork that demonstrates exactly that. It’s not the easiest gift to Valentine's Gift Ideassearch for but a good place to start is by looking at artists that you admire and who inspire you. Observe how the artists express love through their work and see if it resonates with you and how you feel about your loved one, or whether it depicts your relationship. A personal favorite of mine, Brazilian-American artist Romero Britto uses vibrant colors and bold patterns with a consistent theme of love, hope and warmth throughout his works. Once you’ve found that piece of art be it a poster print, photograph, sculpture or pottery, give it pride of place in yours and your partner’s love nest.

Wireless bluetooth speaker

Whether your other half is into the latest technology or just loves having music around him everywhere he goes be it in the bedroom, bathroom, at work Valentine's gift ideasor in the car or if he simply wants stereo quality sound while watching movies on a laptop, the Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker is sure to go down a treat. The portable battery-powered Bluetooth stereo speaker, which works with an Phone, Android or any other Bluetooth-capable device, also doubles up as a speakerphone. Delivering high quality hi-fi audio sound, the stylish portable little number comes in a variety of colors too. Great for the office or at home.

Luxury wet shave

If you want your man looking dapper and well groomed for a special day, treat the love of your life to a luxury wet shave at a male grooming specialists near you. This relaxing tailored shaving experience traditionally uses products with herbal ingredients or essential oils to make the skin feel cool, refreshing and tingly, followed by a shave with traditional razors and a facial exfoliation. Check out your local barbers or male grooming specialists.


If you’re still stuck on what to buy your other half, look at buying accessories – choose from sunglasses, scarves, caps, cuff links or a wallet – from high Valentine's Gift ideasstreet brands or for a touch of luxury look at gifts from menswear designers Paul Smith for classic styles, and Ben Sherman for retro chic.
Compiled by Huria Choudhari

Feng Shui for Relationships

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Jan 052013

Feng Shui for your Love Lifefeng shui

Here are some simple things you can do to boost your Love Life. These  Feng Shui suggestions apply to any living space; they can even be applied to a workplace.

Feng Shui for the Closet Is there room in your closet for another person’s clothing? Women often pack their closet so full that there is no room for a man to show up. Married women do this too: how often do you hear that she takes over the entire closet and he puts his clothes in the hall closet or guest room closet down the hall? That sends a loud and clear message that “I’d rather have my clothes near me than have you near me.” Make room in your closet for your man, whether or not you currently have one, and he just may show up. The same is true for dresser drawers, bathroom drawers, counters and medicine cabinets.

Feng Shui for the Bed Make sure there is room on both sides of your bed for access. If your bed is pushed up against a wall so that someone would have to climb across to one side, it doesn’t indicate that you are open for someone to share your space with you. If you have a pet, do they take up space either on the bed or on the path to the bed? I often see people who have a large bed for their dog that blocks the path to the other side of the bed. Consider finding another location for your dog’s bed so when the right person shows up it won’t disrupt the sleeping arrangements.
Feng Shui for the Bedroom Keep the bedroom set up for two purposes, and two purposes only: sleep and romance. Remove desks, computers, book shelves, exercise equipment, children’s items, stuffed animals and family photos. If the item does not aid sleep or romance, it does not belong in the bedroom. If you wouldn’t want your family watching you in the bedroom, then their photos being there aren’t helpful. If possible, having matching bed-side tables on each side of the bed with matching lamps and other accessories. Place a lovely photo of the two of you, or a couple, or a romantic place, on the wall opposite the foot of your bed. This will ensure that you both have the same “view” of your relationship.


Feng Shui Pairs Single people or couples that are out of balance often have single items around. Try replacing these items with matching pairs such as two matching candles, or matching vases. You can take this to whatever extreme you’d like: you can place shampoo bottles in the shower in pairs, set two coffee cups or wine glasses out on the counter. Set two place settings at your table or even put two toothbrushes in your toothbrush stand or hang bathroom towels for two.


Feng Shui Art Look at the images contained in your artwork. Often, single people have art that has images of single people in them. Add pictures of couples or a pair of pictures that are matching: one with a female figure in one piece and a male figure in the other. Hang them together, preferably so the figures are facing each other. Remember that when hanging two or more pictures together, hang them side by side at the same height. It is a popular decorating technique to hang them off-set from each other but in Feng Shui this creates an imbalance.
for relationship
Also take a look at your space and ask yourself what would be different if you were sharing that space with your perfect mate: are there things you wouldn’t keep, or would move to another area? Don’t wait, go ahead and make those changes now. This may create the perfect space for that mate to show up.

Frank Frazetta [born 1928 – died 2010]

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Sep 272012

Frank Frazetta was without a doubt one of the most influential fantasy artists.His work included paintings and illustrations for comic books, book covers and other media.

Frank Frazetta was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York on February 9, 1928. He attended Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 8. At the age of 16 Frazetta started drawing for comic books with different themes, such as westerns, fantasy, mysteries and histories. In the early 1950s Frazetta worked for EC Comics, National Comics, Avon Comics, and several other comic book companies.

In 1964, Frazetta was approached by United Artists studios to do the movie poster for What’s New Pussycat?. He did several other movie posters as well. Frazetta also started producing paintings for paperback editions of adventure books. His cover for Conan the Adventurer was a great sensation; many people bought the book for the cover alone. From this point on Frazetta’s work was in great demand. Frazetta was also highly admired in Hollywood. George Lucas and Clint Eastwood have commissioned work from Frazetta for their movie projects.

In the early 1960s Frazetta created an art gallery called Frazetta’s Fantasy Corner in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The gallery featured Frazetta’s work and in a separate gallery, work of other artists.

In 2003 Frazetta was the subject of a feature documentary: Frank Frazetta: Painting With Fire.

Frazetta passed away of a stroke on May 10, 2010, in a hospital near his residence in Florida.

Check out some of Frazetta’s work at the official Frank Frazetta website:, or the unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery:


Review by Primo Brandt


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