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Now that you have finished building your fairy house let's do a fairy house welcoming ritual

Now that you have finished building your fairy house let’s do a fairy house welcoming ritual to invite the fairies to their new home. Sprinkle a little ground ginger in front of the entrance. This let’s the fairies know that they are welcomed [Fairies like ginger]. If you have created your fairy house as a permanent structure in your yard or garden then liven the area up by planting flowers around it that will bloom in spring and summer this serve a double purpose it welcomes the fairies and offer them privacy as well.

So let’s let the fairies know that you have built them a house and you want them to come inspect it:[ Do not put names or labels on the house] Use this chant to send out a welcoming call.

The house is built, the door open wide
O, fairies come and look inside.

Now clap your hands three times.

Magick of the sun and moon will call a dweller very soon

Clap your hands three times

True friendship I send to Faery folk, May this house be full of the small folk

Clap your hands three times,

Now walk away giving the fairy folk privacy to look over the house and choose which type of fairy will live there.

Source: The Ancient Art of Faery Magick by D.J. Conway

Susan Schroder – mythical & magical art

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Jul 312014

Susan Schroder

Susan Schroder is a California based and happily married mother and artist, photographer & writer that mixes and matches different means of expression, techniques, mediums and realms of realities to create her own unique and to the eye very appealing and enticing works that “ truly blur the lines of fantasy and reality” as she herself points out. 

Susan Schroder defines herself an “other worldly traveler”, has always been drawn to the mythical & magical ever since she was a child and she has studied both fine art and photography at Arizona State University. 

Mixing different techniques and mediums means that she is just as comfortable with the traditional pen, paper, paint and canvas as she is with using a computer with different programs and being a photographer she sometimes stages her own photo shoots with everything that goes with it, hair, make up, costume, to create her imagery. 

The motives are most often fairies, mermaids, forest & fantasy creatures, the settings a vibrant very much alive nature which seems to play a huge part in everything she does. The colors are brilliant, deep and rich and a true joy to the eye. 

Raven Call email size

Faeries Dance web

MarChella Dryad emailMermaid Marina web sizeSummer Whispers email





As for her writing, Circle the Sun is a series of four fantasy-adventure books, the story of a journey around the world and through the four seasons, both written and illustrated bySusan Schroder, and of which the first will be released now, in August of 2014. 

Most of Susan Schroder’s artwork, as well as the books, are available from her website, where you also will find links to her Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

I highly recommend going there to take a look at more of her works and to make sure to follow her and her work into the future.


All images in this article is © Susan Schroder


About the Author:

Casha is a European born mystic, writer, fine artist & numerologist. For more information and contact, please visit

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