May 012015
Now that you have finished building your fairy house let's do a fairy house welcoming ritual

Now that you have finished building your fairy house let’s do a fairy house welcoming ritual to invite the fairies to their new home. Sprinkle a little ground ginger in front of the entrance. This let’s the fairies know that they are welcomed [Fairies like ginger]. If you have created your fairy house as a permanent structure in your yard or garden then liven the area up by planting flowers around it that will bloom in spring and summer this serve a double purpose it welcomes the fairies and offer them privacy as well.

So let’s let the fairies know that you have built them a house and you want them to come inspect it:[ Do not put names or labels on the house] Use this chant to send out a welcoming call.

The house is built, the door open wide
O, fairies come and look inside.

Now clap your hands three times.

Magick of the sun and moon will call a dweller very soon

Clap your hands three times

True friendship I send to Faery folk, May this house be full of the small folk

Clap your hands three times,

Now walk away giving the fairy folk privacy to look over the house and choose which type of fairy will live there.

Source: The Ancient Art of Faery Magick by D.J. Conway

May 012015
fairy house

This years Beltane 2015 craft for the Young Witch and Wizard try your hand at building a fairy house for your garden or you can keep it in the house with you. These are the bare bone instruction for creating your fairy house. Check the links for more details.

Things You’ll Need

  • Hot glue gun (only for fairy houses in your own backyard or garden but not in the woods!)
  • Wood glue (same applies)
  • Twigs
  • Tapes
  • Cardboard (only for garden/backyards designs)
  • Wood if you’re crafty
  • Inexpensive doll furniture (only for garden/backyard designs)
  • Air dry or oven-bake clay (optional)
  • A board or something flat and stiff to build your house on
  • Decorations taken from the outdoors

Step one: Gather Supplies

Find a large container or basket to use for the house itself and a plastic tray for the base.

Look for a variety of natural materials and decorative craft items like leaves, grass, moss, acorns, rocks, flowers and seashells.[Take a hike through the woods on Beltane and gather what you need]

You’ll need a low-temperature glue gun and wood glue to put it all together.

As soon as you have sufficient supplies spread them out so you know what you have to work with.

Step two:
Start with a strong foundation if you are building your fairy house for indoors then a sturdy piece of cardboard will work. If you plan to place your house outdoors you will need a foundation that will stand up to the weather so a large wooden circle or square if you have it other wise use plastic make sure that you cover the plastic in natural material such as moss,dirt or other natural materials that you have gathered so your fairy house will blend in with the rest of the yard.

Step Three:
After you line the tray, pick out the main structure. Use a wicker basket or other fairy-friendly container. Make sure it will fit comfortably on the tray with room for add-ons and embellishments of your choice.

If you are building it out side there are many things laying around your yard that can be turned into a fairy house do let your imagination be your guide.

When you have finished with your house make sure you put it somewhere private and out of the way of people and pets.

Need some creative ideas for your fairy house here are are a few places to check:


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