Root Chakra

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May 062015
Sacral chakra

The chakras are energy centers that run through the physical body and assist in the health and balance of your physical life and well-being. Like a machine your body uses this energy to bring vitality and health throughout all aspects of your life by aligning the body, mind and soul connection and grounds it to the energy of the Earth.

The root chakra is the first of the chakras which begins at the base of your spine and emanates with a bright red glow downward. It is the point at which your physical body is connected directly into the Earth and handles the primal necessities of your life such as food, shelter, security.

When the root chakra is grounded properly your basic needs are met and you will find balance flowing outward towards all area’s of your life. All problems and conflicts that you encounter will be met with calmness and clarity and you will find that you will be able to handle them with confidence and ease.

A root chakra that is not flowing properly can present itself as physical symptoms which include constipation, lower back pain, greed, financial problems, sleep disorders, fatigue, low energy, low self esteem and even violence.

Keeping the chakra’s clear and flowing properly are an important part of spiritual maintenance allowing growth and the manifestation of what you want to bring into your physical world.

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Toni Wooten is a master psychic and tarot card reader assisting those on their journey through life. She is also a jewelry artist specializing in the use of the energy of natural products made from the earth in her work. Creating beautiful works of art that are uplifting and energetically functional.

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Mar 082014
UruzUruz is considered to be a powerful indicator of good health and strong natural powers of resistance. It can sometime indicate the male in any relationship and signifies strong emotions. This is a forceful driving masculine rune. It rules over changes, usually those of a sudden or unexpected kind that compel you to go within yourself to utilize the force of honest, raw strength that only this rune can supply. The changes are usually natural ones and should not be avoided. It is a rune of new beginnings and it is often necessary for us to peel away the old to make way for the new. Uruz can indicate a promotion or new career and paired with positive runes, it indicates good fortune and success, whatever the assumed odds may be.
Uruz reversed shows that  you are about to fail or have already failed to take advantage of the moment. Don’t allow fear or low self esteem hold  you back. You may pass up a good opportunity because of worry or fear. There may be a lack of motivation or letting of someone else dictate your beliefs and tell you how to live your life. It might seem that your strength is being used against you at this time. Since Uruz is a primary rune of health you may have low vitality or a minor illness that will have to be faced. Reversed, as when upright can indicate a major change also, although it may not be one that you will like very much. Things may turn out for the best though, because the change or opportunity is usually disguised as a loss.
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