Mother’s Day 2015

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May 082015

What to Do for Mom Around the House on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2015 does not have to cost a lot to make it a day for mom to remember. Check out the ideas below and the video for a few things Mom would appreciate you doing for her. She still want the card too. But give her some of your time and energy she deserve it.

Mother’s Day 2015 is May 10! Consider these ways to show appreciation for your mother and make her day extra special

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My mom still laughs about that Mother’s Day in the mid-1970s, where the whole family spent the day scrubbing out the above ground pool. It was memorable, if less than ideal. But there are a lot of better ways to spend special time at home with Mom.

After talking with a bunch of mothers about what they’d like for Mother’s Day, on May 10 this year, I found some common threads. They all dream of getting a break from their everyday responsibilities, they don’t really want their kids spending money on them, and they want to spend time with their families at home. Also worth noting is that none were fans of breakfasting in bed. Here are some suggestions for helping Mom feel special on her day.

Make this the one day Mom doesn’t have to say, “Clean your room!” Make your bed nicely. Get everything put away and picked up. While you’re at it, change Mom’s sheets. Going to bed knowing there are clean sheets on the bed and not having to put them on yourself is always a special treat.
Plant a window box together. Hit the nursery and have the plants ready to present to Mom, then enjoy getting your hands dirty together. If you don’t have a window box or if making one is too much work, create a small container garden with potted plants.
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